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We have great news! abc4all.team has invited you to join Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Miraculous Relationships.

Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ makes meditation easy, fun, and inspiring, offering daily guided audio meditations via an online, interactive program.

The all-new Miraculous Relationships challenge begins on August 5. Meditate and journal each day as Oprah and Deepak lead you on an experience to discover the wonder that exists within and then, watch all of your relationships unfold effortlessly, easily and miraculously.

ABC4All.TEAM has shared this message with you:

Yes! Every day is Global Humanitarian Relief Day (GHRD)! http://ghrd.abc4all.net

Here is the 21-day Challenge fro Deepak Chopra and Oprah, but ABC4All offers INTENTION MEDITATION any time including daily use: http://abc4all.net/im.htm

Light Candles Here (candles burn for 48 hours, but can be relit): http://abc4all.net/lightacandle.htm

INTENTION MEDITATION Group is growing! http://community.theintentionexperiment.com/index.php?do=/group/abc4all-intention-meditation/

IM has been used to help mourn the loss of a loved one, help heal a child injured in a sports-related event and unconscious, and for many other uses.

The advantage of meditation is that whatever form you use, the same physiological response occurs within the body - lowered blood pressure, lowered pulse rate, increased sense of well-being (produced by endorphin production in the brain), etc.

So whether it is in the form of using imagery to counter pain or fear, prayer, Transcendental meditation, Yoga, etc. -- all forms of meditation -- the body's reactions are the same!

Cordially, Burt

We invite you to start this life-changing journey and begin to experience the infinite benefits of meditation now! Click here to start meditating!

We wish you a blissful journey!


The 21-Day Meditation Challenge Team


21-Day Meditation Challenge
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