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Your Time Has Come!

The time has come for the "Viral Loop of the Century." http://vlotc.abc4all.net  PLEASE DO YOUR SHARE!

CLICK! THE BELOW IMAGE AND DONATE $1 TO $1 Million or anything in between!  Keep donating when you can FOREVER!

CLICK! THE ABOVE IMAGE AND DONATE $1 to $1 Million or anything in between! Keep donating when you can FOREVER!



11/30/13 CONCERT REPLACED BY EMERGENCY STRATEGY MEETING IN LONG BEACH, CA - please download DISASTER_RESPONSE document and attend via www.livestreamers.com if you cannot be present and email us your ideas
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Please sign the petition as it is NOT closed even though it says it:  MASSIVE AIRLIFT NEEDED for Philippines

FOSTERING LEGACY"No single leader or set of leaders in the world, alone, would be likely to achieve the universal unifying potential of all peoples throughout the world as described by these 3 gentlemen, given local political pressures that exist within and/or across any government(s)." --Burton Danet, Ph.D., from Summary: We are almost there!

The Legacy of ABC4All: Rejuvenated Facilitator & Founder, ABC4All

ABC4All will empower ABC4All Mentors all over the world with Never Ending Self-FUNding4All as we benefit from support from every corner of the planet.  With that support, there are no limits to what can be accomplished.  Imagine:  ABC4All Mentors will be from EVERY COUNTRY, TERRITORY, COLONY in the world thanks to Buying2Give catapulting us now from 121 countries to an eventual 165 on our way to 257 territories, colonies and countries in the world.  A true UNIFYING of all peoples across diversity wherever cooperation is established.