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Benefiting YOU!

Benefiting Individuals and Communities

Including YOU!




The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)


Vision for a Better Future




Consider technology harnessed for the social good creating a network that protects and supports its participants with benefits created that have no parallel in today’s world.




A Better Community For All (ABC4All) is working with partners to develop a unique trusted network that represents a caring, humanitarian and totally humanized focus.  Finally there is a paradigm shift from potentially dangerous and non-secure functioning in the world to one that fosters total security and identity protection harnessing the social best in each of us. 


Advanced technology offers citizens of the world opportunities for participation in a social network that encourages the best productive self-growth and determination of individual personalities, with clear implications for local, national and global peace and gainful self-sustaining.  Just by participating YOU will receive benefits at NO COST to you!


ABC4All Team of TEAMS can spread its beneficial NETWORK across the World:


Network of GoodWill and Welfare Emotions:
Network of CARING
Network of SHARING
Network of HEALING
Network of PEACE
Network of HARMONY

The ABC4All Network4All!™


ABC4All announces an ABC4All Grants Empowering Success Program where grants are to be awarded to ABC4All Associates / Mentors / nonprofits/NGOs with no qualifications, no fees, no deadlines, etc. just a FREE grant that will allow for participation in ABC4All NeverEnding Self-FUNding4All Program.  More information is available by sending a request to abc4allec @ abc4all (dot) net.




Surround YOU?


Yes, it is working together to create the best of all possible worlds.  Picture you entering the world and growing up with a lifestyle and comprehensive educational environment that fosters all the goodness inherent in any newborn.  All around you share insights so that children from the earliest formative stages will be introduced into a world of solid global citizens who want what is best for each of them, for you and for the general social good.


It’s the way of the World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All), just what is real, technology not only solving global issues but also fostering YOUR best human potential anyone could imagine.  The direction in which YOU want to go is the focus, one you eventually discover-create always with YOUR well-being and welfare in mind and maximized.


The core being you establish co-mingles with that of all your family/friends/associates creating a collective social YOU with a protected and private identity belonging to YOU alone and to which NO ONE OTHER THAN YOU has access.  EVERY ONE OF THE INFLUENCES ENCOUNTERED in the course of one’s development lead to the emergence of what is best for you, your social network, your local community, the community at large and the world.  Everyone alive has a part to contribute to a better future of the world!  YOU are truly your own best friend!


"Thanks also to all of us who have been affiliated with ABC4All for all the contributions and the pride we give to ABC4All and its affiliates."

--Erick Ochieng Otieno, ABC4All Mentor from Kenya




Take the ABC4All Trip!  Watch this short video and listen to the ABC4All Theme Song (CLICK! to read the lyrics) and contact us at abc4allteam [at] abc4all.net 


Benefiting individuals and communities including YOU via the World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) reflects a new paradigm for the world to behold that spurs THE SHIFT to the Vision for a Better Future!


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Rejuvenated Facilitator, Clinical Psychologist (retired), Founder, The ABC4All Legacy


Goodwill Ambassador, Yale Alumni / ABC4All, Goodwill Treaty for World Peace


MANDATED ACTION for What The World Needs Now: The FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) - Every day is GHRD


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