One Step funding that’s SIMPLE and EASY! Need an IMMEDIATE CASH INFUSION? Join 850 of the worlds finest causes. “Help us plant the roots so we can Grow your Empowerment Tree!”

How Easy?  Just click on the “How We Did It Grant Funding Video Presentation”Below and contact us.


*** Listening to this interview and following along with “Greg the Grant Seeker” at the same time (see below) gives our team the chance to start raising funds for you faster and thereby increases the funding size and total amount raised for your organization.***

NEXT STEP: After you have watched the video above, contact us to assist you with the final step to correctly apply for this Grant (gathering the VIP Guest of Honor Names so you can list them on your Grant Application as detailed here – – scroll to the bottom of this link to see Page 1 of Sample Grant Application). 

"Wow.....highly improved website content and layout. Kudos to Jazz for Peace!” 
Arthur Meléndez, Grants Consultant Affordable Grants, Inc.

What is Jazz for Peace™? – Jazz for Peace™ provides Empowerment Grants, sustainable funding and advocacy for non-profits and all outstanding causes worldwide for over a decade to enable them to be more productive and successful. Read the Introduction From Our Founder.

Greg the Grant Seeker Says:


A.  This Grant Provides: The acclaimed World Class Cultural Event as detailed by moreprestigious supporters and World Leaders than any other – at no cost to you!

This gives YOU the opportunity to thank, reward, honor and rejuvenate your supporters as well as EXPAND your vital donor base!

B. This Grant ALSO Provides – “The Truly Essential Secret of our Success!” giving US the opportunity to help you GROW your EMPOWERMENT TREE.

This includes the vital staffing, experience, advocacy and event coordinating expertise and guidance necessary to grow the seven sustainable fundraising Branches of your Empowerment Tree that have made this event so unique and so helpful in the very words of our Grant Recipients; bring your organization into the periphery of those who need to know about you (“separating the wheat from the chaff”); allow us to share our wealth of knowledge, tips and techniques that we have gained from this extraordinary journey with you; and in doing so provide a much needed “Helpful Step Forward” for your outstanding cause.

C.  Along with the opportunity to “Confirm Your Event With Funds Already Raised for You!’ AND watch your Empowerment Tree Grow with 100% of all funds from this confirmation point forward going straight to you from both tangible (ticket sales, sponsorships etc.) and long term sustainable growth (new and prestigious supporters, local-national-and international publicity and awareness, etc.) as we implement and share with you our proven program along with the fundraising techniques, reputation, experience, advocacy, guidance and event coordinating expertise to help you reach your goals – not only in the short term but for many years to come.

Easy to obtain with just one simple step: “Help Us Plant the ROOTS, so we can GROW your Empowerment Tree!”

TO QUALIFY: Just watch the Grant Funding Video above & contact us by email:, phone (212-947-1104), or Skype: JAZZMGMT to help you complete your Jazz for Peace (2 Page) GRANT APPLICATION FORM and obtain funding approval!

Wanna take just a few minutes and get a head start before you call?

Simply follow Greg the Grant Seeker down this page!


Greg the Grant Seeker Says:

“SIGN UP ALL YOUR VIP’s – let Jazz for Peace™ do the rest!” (Six Unprecedented Achievements) – One Step funding that’s SIMPLE, FUN and EASY!

1. Take this Letter and sign up all of your VIPS  (people who you collectively know that would be willing to “Profit” by attending a World Class Cultural Event to Make A Difference for You!)  **VIPS are also known as the ROOTS**


By signing up your VIPs you “Help us plant the roots….”


Then let Jazz for Peace™ Foundation do the rest as they “Grow your Empowerment Tree!” helping you get “from where you are now – to where you need to be!” Raising funds; publicity and awareness; sponsors; rewarding, rejuvenating and expanding your donor base; securing new and prestigious supporters; long term benefits and more! The vital funding, aid, advocacy and assistance only BEGINS when the ROOTS of the tree have been planted.


Click HERE to see the Empowerment Tree!

To obtain funding simply prove your legitimacy by submitting your WIN GRANT Form with 2 Page Grant Application.

Your properly submitted WIN GRANT Form (click above to see) along with your 2 page Grant Application is our proof that just like our previous 850 Grant Recipients, you are a legitimate organization or project worthy and deserving of the benefits of advancement that this highly reputable and acclaimed Grant provides.


helpfulstep “Then read on and let’s get you FUNDED!”

isthisupastedGraphic isthisu2pastedGraphic_1

Food for Thought:  Beethoven’s entire ninth symphony was built on a 4 note motif using only 2 pitches! These Six Unprecedented Achievements of Jazz for Peace™ were built on the tiny little roots of 1 Empowerment Tree!

With this in mind, please follow “Greg the Grant Seeker” to the bottom of this page and then let us know if you understand the first 5 words of this sentence:

HELP US PLANT THE ROOTS   –  so we can GROW your Empowerment Tree”

Your simple “YES” or “NO” answer will help us go to the next step!

Who needs this Grant?

A. Organizations and Causes that are truly more outstanding and dedicated than most others in their group and therefore deserve to be singled out from an extraordinary sea of mediocre non profit listings which are confusing their potential funders and donor base and holding them back.

How much money do YOU give to causes that you’ve never heard of?

The Empowerment Grant from Jazz for Peace™ “Separates the Wheat from the Chaff” giving those that want to make a difference the opportunity to choose YOU as the destination for their funding.

B. Organizations and Causes who need but simply cannot afford to hire a high quality (and therefore highly expensive) professional fundraising firm to put on a world class Cultural Event/Fundraiser as well as provide the vital staffing, experience, advocacy and event coordinating expertise and guidance necessary to make it a success and help them get “from where they are now – to where they need to be!”

C.  Those who need to EXPAND their vital donor base; Thank, honor, reward and rejuvenate their current supporters; Strengthen and enrich their sustainability by developing long term partnerships with local businesses and major corporate sponsors; Broaden their outreach through publicity and awareness; Generate new friendships and alliances; Attract NEW and Prestigious supporters; AND: Raise much needed funds for their program!

For Outstanding Causes or projects who are in need of one or more of the above, this Grant is simply a necessary step on the way to achieving those goals and the faster our team can help you do so the better! While on the surface this may sound too good to be true (FAQ #8), it is an undeniable fact that over 850 Outstanding Causes have already benefited from this Grant as you can see here in their very own words.

How do you get this Grant?

Simply follow “Greg the Grant Seeker” below and ENJOY learning about your new and exciting funding opportunity, contacting us directly as soon as he leads you to the bottom of this page.

With awards as high as $500,000, over 850 causes have received this proven opportunity for an immediate cash infusion along with the sustainable funding, assistance, and advocacy to successfully “EXPAND your vital Donor Base” and “Grow your Empowerment Tree!” as detailed in this television appearance below which gained much needed advocacy, publicity and awareness for one of our outstanding Grant Recipients:


QUICK TWO MINUTE OVERVIEWSeparating the Wheat From the Chaff – Télévision Nationale d’Haiti Presents: JAZZ FOR PEACE™ – “Helping you get from where you are now – to where you need to be!”



Next Step: To become the next outstanding cause to receive this Grant – please watch this “Jazz for Peace™ Empowerment Grant Introductory Video” below (featuring Rick DellaRatta) filmed worldwide at our actual “No Cost to You World Class Cultural Events!” and review the Grant Summary (also found below):

helpfulstep ATTENTION GRANT SEEKERS: IMPORTANT NOTICE!            To get started properly please review this introductory video below of an actual Jazz for Peace™ Concert (Beneficiary: Habitat for Humanity) which also includes many other additional hi-lights from around the world.



“I want to congratulate Rick (DellaRatta) and Jazz for Peace on everything they have accomplished to this point, and all the good they are sure to bring about as they continue this concert series….”

~ United States President Barack Obama

” I would like to commend the staff and volunteers for all their hard work and devotion on behalf of such an outstanding cause…”

~ Senator John McCain

Recent Grant recipients:

The American Red Cross
Habitat for Humanity
Special Olympics   

talking5 “Wow……Impressive! How can Jazz for Peace Foundation do all of that for US?”

helpfulstep NEXT STEP: Please review!






A. Help us “Plant the ROOTS”.


The VIP Guests of Honor chosen by YOU help us Rejuvenate and EXPAND your vital donor base!



VIP’s can include: 

  • Board Members and their outreach.
  • Current as well as  future supporters, friends, family, associates, loved ones, relatives.
  • Prestigious members of the community, local business owners and sponsors, and anyone else that you would like to see profit from this event by receiving all of the rewards detailed HERE!

The “VIP FINDER Template Letter” that we will provide you details all of the special rewards and benefits. With dedicated assistance from our staff, you too can find these names easily, helping us to quickly “Plant the Roots of your Empowerment Tree!” just as we have already achieved for 850 others!


B. So the Jazz for Peace™ Foundation has plenty of TIME (“secret of our success”).






C. To GROW the Seven BRANCHES of your  EMPOWERMENT Tree!



BRANCH 1. We believe you need to EXPAND your Donor and Support Base!

2. In addition you need to thank, reward, honor and REJUVENATE the supporters you already have.

3. You need more Sponsors!

4. You could use some new PRESTIGIOUS supporters.

5. You need more publicity and awareness.

6. And last but not least – you need to be better FUNDED.


$$$$$$$ Helping Us Plant The Roots Quickly 

will dramatically INCREASE your Funding Award! $$$$$$$

Helpful Quote: “I have finally understood why it is essential for our organization to invite the VIP guest as soon as possible in order to allow you implement all your secrets to collect the maximum funding for us. Thank you very much!” – Dolores – H.A.S. Cameroon, Africa

Remember: The VIP Guests of Honor are the ROOTS. Now that we have the ROOTS, its time to “GROW YOUR EMPOWERMENT TREE!” into one of the greatest Jazz for Peace Events EVER!

NEXT STEP FOR FUNDING: Please click on Step 1 (at the top of this page) and CAREFULLY REVIEW THE BENEFITS OF THIS GRANT in the actual words of our 850 previous Empowerment Grant Recipients!

You are now ready to contact our Grant Administration Dept. directly by phone: 212-947-1104, email:, and via Skype ID: JAZZMGMT topersonally guide you from here directly to funding approval.






The  precious “TIME IN BETWEEN” 



needed to GROW the Branches of the Tree 


is the “Secret of Our Success!moneyBranch2


As you can see from the images above, it is the TIME IN BETWEEN the “planting of the roots” (VIP Guests of Honor Chosen by You) and the Actual Tree (the event itself and all that was achieved from it) that is the “Secret” of the entire decade-plus success of this program.

In order to take full advantage of this “successful secret“, our event coordinating and fundraising team has developed numerous techniques to help each outstanding candidate “plant the ROOTS quickly and easily”, giving our foundation as much time and energy as possible to provide this very same “Secret of our Success!” to your outstanding cause as well.

To sum up this Grant in one Simple Sentence:





QUESTION: How do we get this Grant?

ANSWER: Simply “Help Us Plant the Roots” by listing the names of the people that you would like for us to honor on your WIN GRANT Form.  

By taking advantage of the personal assistance offered by our Grant Administrators to help you complete this form successfully, you too can join 850 others as our next Grant recipient.

IT REALLY IS THAT EASY – Which is why over 850 ecstatic Organizations have already been awarded!

Add this essential WIN GRANT FORM to your Jazz for Peace (2 Page) GRANT APPLICATION FORM along with the chosen date for your event (see page 2) and you too can obtain funding approval!

QUESTION: How does Jazz for Peace help us find our VIPs and EXPAND our vital support base?


ANSWER:  Use your VIP FINDER Template Letter to “make them an offer they can’t refuse!”


1. With Six Unprecedented Achievements, a Jazz for Peace event ALONE is worth WAY more than the price of a VIP Guest of Honor admission.

2. As one of the finest causes and/or projects on the planet – YOU ALONE are worth WAY more than the price of a VIP Guest of Honor admission.

3. With a $100 savings, VIP Meet and Greet Ceremony, FREE gifts and amenities, preferred seating, and an amazing event for an amazing cause the VIP Guest of Honor Red Carpet Treatment ALONE is worth WAY more than the price of a VIP Guest of Honor admission.

AN OFFER THEY CANT REFUSE? Take a close look at your VIP Letter and associated links and let us know!

This letter can be edited, customized and personalized to make your event confirmation as easy and successful as our 850 previous ones!

Our VIP FINDER Template Letter combined with the dedicated, experienced assistance that we provide such as our “A lot of people doing a little bit technique” detailed on Step 2 along with other simple suggestions will help you quickly find these VIP Guests of Honor (ROOTS) thereby making the process EVEN EASIER.

So far our team has assisted over 800 Outstanding Causes to successfully complete this form –  and you too will be just as excited as they were to watch your donor base grow!

Remember: In order to Grow the AMAZING Branches, we first must start by planting the ROOTS:

The Roots of your Tree are the VIP Guests of Honor chosen by you. – Your WIN GRANT Form allows you to list your carefully selected VIP GUESTS OF HONOR which will make up the”ROOTS” of your Empowerment Tree, giving you this important opportunity to THANK, REWARD, REJUVENATE, HONOR AND EXPAND YOUR VITAL AND OFTEN OVEREXTENDED DONOR BASE. With the aid of our VIP INVITE Letter and personalized assistance from our staff, you will be able to plant the ROOTS quickly and easily. Now that the Roots have been planted, Jazz for Peace can Grow each of the sustainable fundraising branches of your Empowerment Tree and give us the very best chance to make YOUR event one of our greatest ever!

QUESTION: This Grant has really caught my interest – What is the Next Step?

ANSWER: The next step is to ASK YOURSELF:

Would it be helpful for our organization to EXPAND our vital donor base?

Thank, honor, reward and rejuvenate our current supporters?

Strengthen and enrich our sustainability by developing long term partnerships with local businesses and major corporate sponsors?

Broaden our outreach through publicity and awareness?

Generate new friendships and alliances?

Attract NEW and Prestigious supporters?


Raise much needed funds for our program?



Yes! At no cost to you.

And with Funds ALREADY raised for our Program?


YES! Confirm your event “with funds already raised for you!”

After collecting the funds from the VIP Guests of Honor who have received this Letter and who will be profiting from this event by receiving all of the rewards detailedHERE, simply put $1500 (or more depending on how many VIPs have been chosen) into your account as funds already raised for you, send us the balance to confirm your event, and watch your Empowerment Tree Grow with 100% of all funds from this confirmation point forward going straight to you from both tangible (ticket sales, sponsorships etc.) and long term sustainable growth (new and prestigious supporters, local-national-and international publicity and awareness, etc.) as we implement and share with you our proven program along with the fundraising techniques, reputation, experience, advocacy, guidance and event coordinating expertise to help you reach your goals – not only in the short term but for many years to come!


Is the answer YES?



Then perhaps it is now time for YOU to “Help Us Plant the Roots so we can Grow YourEmpowerment Tree!”……..


…….and obtain funding approval for one of the Greatest Jazz for Peace Events ever!


plunge1   plunge4

helpfulstep“OBTAIN FUNDING!” –  Click on Step 1 HERE (or at the top of this page) and contact us at the Phone, email or Skype info listed below so our Grant Administrator team can assist you with your Next Step Forward.



Jazz for Peace Grants – “Helping you get from where you are now – to where you need to be!” Grant Administration: 646-709-2950Main: 212-947-1104 Email: Skype: JAZZMGMT

Empowerment Tree Grants, in partnership with Too Good To Be True Events, is a subsidiary of: The Jazz for Peace Foundation– “First in Cultural Philanthropy” 400 W43 St. New York, NY –Voting Member of: Council on Foundations. 


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