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Final Report

Premier Jazz For Peace Concert

Supporting Children’s Literacy in Pakistan


Aamir Isaac Sindhu, Founder,

New Life Ministries and School System, Lahore, Pakistan

Jazz for Peace Live in Pakistan from Jazz for Peace on Vimeo.

  • New Life Ministries of Pakistan / New Life School System4All, Lahore, Pakistan, founded by ABC4All Mentor Aamir Isaac Sindhu
  • Crossroad to Victory, William Koeth, Founder and Co Founder at Read Write Reason Education Foundation, Mount Vernon, Washington, USA, Platinum Sponsor
  • A Better Community For All Legacy (ABC4All), Burton Daet, Ph.D., Founder, Referring Partner, South Bay, Los Angeles, USA
  • Jazz For Peace Foundation, Rick DellaRatta, Founder, New York, New York, USA


I am first of all thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ Who gave us an opportunity through Burton Danet, Founder of ABC4All Legacy, to spread the Message of Peace and to focus on the badly needed awareness of improving literacy of children in Pakistan through the Jazz For Peace Foundation.  This historic Premiere Jazz For Peace Concert took place at the Avari Hotel, Lahore, Pakistan on December 29, 2015.


We are all grateful to Brother William Koeth and Mrs. Dianna Koeth.  William is Chairman of Crossroad to Victory and was an outstanding supporter and Platinum Sponsor of the entire event that Jesus of Nazareth, our Lord Jesus Christ made possible for us to arrange with all required.


The event was held at the Avari Hotel, Lahore, Pakistan on 29th December 2015 at 2:00 pm, made possible as well by the strenuous work and dedication of Mr. Aamir Sindhu and Mrs. Shagufta Aamir.  Both worked tirelessly along with their usual family responsibilities, and by the grace of God, the result was an amazing World Class Event of the Year for Peace and Education.


The responsibility of presiding was admirably performed by Mrs. Shagufta Aamir, together with the able assistance of  Mr. Zahid Sindhu.


World Class Event in Pakistan

World Class Event in Pakistan


The concert began with a message of peace from the Holy Bible by Pastor Aziz Khurshid from Lahore. After this, a special message from William Koeth & Dianna Koeth was recited for the people.  Mrs. Shagufta Aamir read:  "Disciples of Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah Whose love is for the Glory of our God and the equal education of all children in Pakistan."

Burton Danet, Founder of ABC4All Legacy addressed all present in the audience, live through Skype and the Internet offering his message of peace and the need for education for all children in Pakistan. He delivered his views about Aamir Isaac Sindhu as author of a series of books, "Peace With God," containing topics relating to the Bible.


"I'm going to have to open a flower shop!" 

--Rick DellaRatta, Founder, Jazz For Peace Foundation

Introduction was made of the World class Keyboardist, Musician and Ambassador of Peace, Rick DellaRatta, Founder of the Jazz For Peace organization,  The audience was informed about his dedicated services and work for Peace through Jazz Music during more than 850 Concerts in the world, and he was welcomed wholeheartedly by Aamir Sindhu & Shagufta Aamir, Founder of New Life Ministries of Pakistan, and by all Chief Guests of the concert introduced by Mr. Eric Sindhu:  Mr. James John, Mr. Aziz Khurshid, Mr. Shamaun Daniel, Mr. Akram Javed  and Mr. Yuel Bhatti. These Chief Guests were also warmly welcomed with garlands and flowers by the devoted people of New Life Ministries of Pakistan.


The Vision and Mission of this concert was to focus on a message of peace and harmony for the whole world from the land of Pakistan and to stimulate awareness of the people of Pakistan about the vital importance of education for children.  Education opens doors as a way to relieve suffering and to work towards a better future for our children who are the backbone of the nation.  This fundraising concert's vision was to work “Hand in Hand” to support literacy of children in Pakistan.


Rick DellaRatta performed a variety of Jazz Music.  He sang his original poem, “Jazz For Peace,” along with many other songs of peace and harmony. He performed outstanding Jazz Music with obvious zeal and zest.

Eunice Aamir at age seven years recited a new original poem,"Hand in Hand, Together We Can," written by Aamir Isaac Sindhu for the World Class Jazz For Peace Concert with wonderful confidence.  

Hand In Hand

by Aamir Isaac Sinndhu

Hand in hand

We can make a difference in the world.

Hand in Hand

We can share with the world.

Hand in Hand

We can dare to do a lot and

Hand in Hand

We are able to make change for the future, our children.

    Hand in Hand

  You can be alive in this world

  Hand in Hand

You can be sustained in this world

Hand in Hand

Together we can do better for the People

 Hand in Hand

We can stand for the future.

Eunice represented and recited the poem on behalf of the children of Pakistan who can look forward to education throughout, even in the poorest areas and villages.

New Life Ministries of Pakistan welcomed Haroon Jaqub, Founder of The Praise Band, to sing gospel songs for His glory alone.  The concert was fully annointed and filled with the spirit of peace and calmness.


An award ceremony followed presided over by Mr. Yuel Bhatti, one of the Chief Guests.   Mr. Bhatti Founded the United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle in Pakistan and Co-Founded both Local ABC4All, Pakistan and the ABC4All School System, both in Lahore. 

He presented the Humanitarian of The Year & Peace Award

  • to Rick DellaRatta for his outstanding work for peace throughout the world, 
  • to William Koeth & Dianna Koeth for their amazing support and sponsorship of the concert and their support for the journey of peace and education in Pakistan,
  • to Burton Danet for his continuous coordination and collaboration to make possible this event in Pakistan,  and
  • to Mr. Aamir Isaac Sindhu & Mrs. Shagufta  Aamir for their tireless work to coordinate all necessary for such a successful  International Event focusing on educating children in Pakistan.  

Mr. & Mrs. Yuel Bhatti presented these awards with great love and care and with bundles of prayers and best wishes for the start of this new journey for peace and education in Pakistan.


Aamir Isaac Sindhu delivered some views and best wishes at the end of the concert and also a few words of thanks were presented on behalf of New Life Ministries of Pakistan by Eric Sindhu, Attorney At Law from Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The concert ended in peace and with the expression of much happiness and hope with a closing prayer by Pastor James John from Jhelum, Pakistan.

Aamir Isaac Sindhu

Founder, New Life Ministeries of Pakistan/ New Life School System 4 ALL.

ABC 4ALL,  Legacy, USA,  Leader in Pakistan.

Partner at Cross Road to Victory Ministeries USA.

Ambassador of Jazz For Peace Foundation, USA.